What I have learned in my trainee time with Sollertis

My name is Dung, I study International Business and did traineeship at Sollertis. My work tasks have had great variation, where some of them have included blog post and social media post writing, image editing, off-page SEO, and designing pictures with Canva. Both the people that I have met, and my work tasks have given me much experience and joy. 

I work for Sollertis for 6 months from January to July of the year 2022. In my current trainee period, I’m located in Kuopio and my work task relates to digital marketing. I share an office with other employees and support another co-worker Emmi in writing social media posts. In the first days, I was given the tasks to learn about WordPress, Instagram and how to manage them well. My weekly task is mainly to write blog articles and a social media post, and put those blog articles into the company’s WordPress.  

Another task I did was off-page SEO to raise Sollertis website in high traffic and rank. Off-page SEO was done by directory submission. I submitted the company’s website URL to various web directories with the aim of building backlinks thus helping to optimize Sollertis webpage. 

I have also learnt to report my tasks on every Friday because we have weekly meeting on Friday afternoon. All staff sit down together at the conference room and report what they do this week and what they will do next week. There are a few employees working remotely, so they join the meeting through Microsoft Team.  

One day in the meeting, Joanna told me my off-page SEO work had a positive impact on traffic to Sollertis webpage. I felt very happy with the outcome as I helped to increase the webpage ranking.  

Other interesting task was doing photoshoot with other trainee – Elena, who’s work tasks relate to graphic design. We took photos to make stock image for the webpages of Sollertis’s clients. I have learnt from Elena how to set up photoshoot background, decorate props, light to make pictures attractive. We worked well together and it was fun and memorable experience. 

Not only doing work tasks, the company also hosted various social gatherings and meals. There were lunches, evening buffets and even outdoor activities such as rock climbing.  

The traineeship at Sollertis is great and meaningful as I got to work with many different things and learn new skills. By writing blog articles and social media posts, I have got skills of using Canva and Pixlr tools, such as using them to edit images, or creating appealing pictures for social media posts. The off-page SEO task helps me to figure out how to do one of off-page SEO techniques in practice. I have known how WordPress works and its application. I have got more knowledge of Pinterest and other two social networks – Gab and Scoop.  

After all, I genuinely enjoyed my time working here. I am looking forward to apply skills and knowledge acquired here to further my career in digital marketing. Last but not least, I much appreciate Joanna and other staff for supporting me in work tasks and completing my training. 



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What I have learned in my trainee time with Sollertis

25.9.2023 |

My name is Dung, I study International Business and did traineeship at Sollertis. My work … LUE LISÄÄ…